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How We Clean Float Cabins

Deeper Look into our Deep Cleans

Do you empty the tanks

between float sessions?

How is the water cleaned?

Can two people float in one cabin together?

Staying Afloat takes your health very seriously as we maintain a high standard of cleaning and sanitation procedures since we opened our doors to the public in 2016.

Staying Afloat is regulated by the New Jersey Department of Health as well as Atlantic County government agencies since we opened to ensure that we keep a high standard of safety to all of our clients and employees.  Our number one priority is the cleanliness of our Float Cabins, inside and out, as well as the rest of our center.  Without clean water are business is nothing.

Do you empty the tanks between float session?

With that being said, we do not empty our tanks in-between each float.  Keeping with the high standards, we will never have to change the water.  In fact, we are always adding fresh water and salt to our cabins weekly.  We add water due to evaporation and add salt due to the amount that actually leaves our cabins via your body.  When you exit the cabin you will be taking a second shower just to remove all the salt from your body.

How is the water cleaned?

Since Day One we have had to keep a high standard when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The main reason we are only open 5 days opposed to 6 or 7 days a week is so we have plenty of time to do a deep clean every week on top of our daily cleaning and maintenance.

In combination with the high salt solution which keeps anything from growing inside the water we run a multi tier filtration process once in the morning, between every client as well as running it when there is an empty appointment, and once at the end of day.  

The filtration is comprised of a large hair basket and micron filter to catch larger items. With a UV light filter the Float Tank is able to inactivate viruses by causing cross-linking of the nucleotides in the viral genome. Our filter also uses ozone in the water to further break down any kind of virus or micro organisms that could possible be in the water. After that we dose the water daily with concentrated hydrogen peroxide just to be safe. Additionally, we wipe down our cabin walls and ceiling, along with extensive cleaning of the shower and rest of the room.

Once a week we spend the day draining the water out of each cabin into barrels so we can get inside the cabin for a proper inspection.  The entire inside is wiped down with a hydrogen peroxide solution to remove any stains or possible water lines.  The entire filtration box is dismantled, cleaned, and put back together.  Once the water is placed back into the cabin it is check to make sure ph and alkalinity levels are safe, balancing chemicals are add as needed, and a heavy dose of cleaning vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are added to the water.  The water is then placed in an hour long filter process to properly mix all chemicals as well as get the temperature back up to where it needs to be.  

       Can two people float in one cabin together?

Some float cabins are built for this in mind and there can be some interesting 

benefits to it.  Our Pro Float Cabins are not designed to do this however.  Firstly, the cabins are only sized to comfortable accommodate one person at a time.  Secondly, if two people tried to float together then we would need to take extra procedures in cleaning the water afterwards.  That would mean at the very least doubling the filtration time and with how we run the schedule it just doesn't work best for us.

Why Float

Floating is a safe, clean, and private space where you can easily come in and unplug from the worries of everyday life.  It is a place in which you can leave your stress behind.  When you step into our facility all you need to do is relax.  We will worry about the rest.

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